You will have the benefit of:-

Time to be with others who understand

Time to reflect on where you have been, where you are now and how you want to go forward

Time to look at the balance between your inner needs and outer life

You will have the opportunity to:-

Gain support from the group
Participate in relaxation and meditation sessions.
Used on a regular basis these may help release tension, improve sleep, help focus on yourself and improve quality of life.
Participate in informal therapeutic group sessions which are part of the programme.

Life Changing

“I came away realising a common pattern of the temptation to discard our own feelings, to help others first, and the realisation of the value of my own life following life threatening illness and surgery.”


A cancer diagnosis can have a far-reaching effect on people and their families.
Post treatment is a time when people are expected to ‘get back to normal’ but for many ‘normal’ has changed.
The shock of the diagnosis and treatment wears off and the reality sets in. It can be a time when people feel isolated and alone.
We offer 3 day residential breaks for cancer patients – on their own or with a relative or friend.
The group is limited to 10 participants and is facilitated by 3 professional counsellors who have experience in working with people affected by life-threatening illness. They will lead mindfulness sessions, relaxation and meditation groups and help with coping strategies.


Applications are carefully considered by the facilitators who will telephone the applicants to ensure that a break would be beneficial to them and that they would be comfortable in a group.