I have been a trustee for CLSW since October 2016. I was honoured to be asked and am deeply proud of the work we do. I know the work we do as my partner and I attended a Time to Retune break in 2012. I had young children at this time and the break was literally the only time it was safe to really connect with what we had been through, fall apart and emerge near the end of the break having laughed, cried and begun to formulate a "new normal". I believe this charity is ahead of its time in recognising the crisis that can happen when treatment ends and that without the kind of therapeutic "meeting" that CLSW offers, people remain stuck in an isolated unspoken place of fear whilst trying to return to a normal that no longer exists. I am passionate about the work of the skilful and kind, compassionate facilitators we work with and wish that our work be more widely known. In my everyday life I am a dramatherapist and supervisor. I am a mum and love canoeing, singing and walking our dogs!